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    Allasch Kümmel

    About us

    Winemaking is pure work coming from our hearts.
    This work demands patience, piety and care from the maker.
    TThat is why by saying Zilver we understand – genuine drink from plant to wine.
    SBy saying Zilver family we understand – genuine and true winemakers from head to toes.
    SBy saying true first of all we are giving a guarantee about our work and also about fruits of our work – Zilver.

    Pure taste

    Zilver drinks are produced from berries and blossoms grown in our broad and green Latvia. Berries and blossoms for wine are gathered at the right moment – when they are most ripe. This way Zilver drinks get their characteristic – saturated taste.

    Real family

    In the Zilvers household, each member has a work to do, so everyone together could make Zilver wines, Rhubarb festive drink “Rabarber” and “Pīlādži” sapling farm could be taken care of. In our household, everyone is the master of trades.

    Real craftsmanship

    The craftsmanship of the beverages is so broad as the endless tastes and aromas of Latvian berries and blossoms. The real skill is to grow and acknowledge that there is always space to evolve.

    Right place

    Zilver beverages come from Zilvers household in Sigulda. There is only one and only beverage factory in Zilvers household which means that every bottle starts its way to costumer from Zilvers family.

    Real care for the work

    The process of making beverages begins with a sapling, continues with harvest, processing, fermenting, tasting, perfecting the taste and finally – the bottle is corked up and reaches the customer. Yes, it takes a lot of effort but that makes us happy to do it.

    Genuine moments

    Genuine moments together with family. Genuine moments only for yourself. Genuine moments while doing a job which you love. A genuine moment is an occasion when you understand that everything is exactly like it should be. The genuine moment can be incidental as well as ritual.


    With winemaker

    While tasting wines you will have a chance to see and find out how Zilver winery goods are made. And of course, taste them together with snacks!

    Always at least 10 different sorts of wine available as well as strong alcoholic drinks.


    10€  per person,

    5€ only apple juice,

    free for children.

    The minimum price of people in a group less than 10 persons 100€. Over 30 persons tasting – 8€ per person.

    The total length of the excursion and degustation 1-1,5 hours.

    From Vidzeme motorway to Zilver winery only 1,8 km along asphalt road, big tourist buses are also comfortable in the courtyard.

    Where to buy


    Zilver Beverage Factory

    Address: Saltavota street 33, Sigulda, LV – 2150

    Tel: +371 26159133, +371 26320208

    e-mail: [email protected]



    Z/S ”Pīlādži”

    Address: “Pīlādži”, Kalnabeites, Siguldas pagasts, Siguldas nov,. LV 2150

    Reg.no.: LV40101005798

    Banka: A/S Swedbank

    Account no.: LV14HABA0551034644091


    Cooperation partners:



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